I remember quite vividly asking Kathy L. to my first HS dance. I was mortified. She was kind. She said, “No.” I have never faulted her for that response. I was way off base. Or…maybe I was out of my league? It’s an interesting question because it isn’t that she was better than me, or that she felt that way. It’s more about being prepared. She was more mature and self-assured. I was a wreck and just past the idea that it was cool to wear jeans for as many days in a row as possible (I was 14, remember). I’m not saying I was a pigpen, but I could get there easily from where I was.

So, here I am, perusing websites and musician resources, trying to figure out who I should ask to work with me on my new project. It occurs to me that I need to be honest about where I am and where the prospective partners are in our preparation for this pairing. I’m no novice, having worked with top engineers from San Diego, to Detroit, to Nashville; I’m also not someone who could get very far doing this on my own. It’s a tricky bit of work, this decision. I’m going to have to make my move soon, though, or the opportunity could be lost. With the other promotional avenues being undertaken, time is of the essence.

At least I have the presence of mind to recognize the need to get this resolved. The young me would’ve put my jeans on for a couple weeks straight and complained about how things just never seem to go my way.

I’m cleaned up and ready. Good then.