I’m on the edge of desperate. How I got here I’m not sure. The saddest part of what got me here was the revelation that so much of what I’ve believed over the years, that the essential being of all people is one of decency and compassion is probably inaccurate. People are more into survival than just about anything else I can put my finger on. The notion that some Mexicans crossing the border are an actual threat to our way of life is laughable. The idea that our nation needs to spend more on weapons than the rest of the world combined is pathetic when one considers how safe we are from any aggression against us. How people can suggest that our President is both a socialist and a fascist is absurd (that would be the case no matter who you suggest is both of these incongruent mindsets). Beyond that, 24 percent of Republicans surveyed replied in a recent Harris poll regarding Mr. Obama that he is the “anti-Christ” (which a Christian friend of mine just asked, “what is the anti-Christ, exactly”, before thinking well….it may be true, but I doubt it). Fear, fear, fear. What wimps.

The world has gone mad. I’m beginning to think that my little quirks, like playing with my hair too often and being a good 30 pounds overweight and probably watching too much Law and Order and my general twitchiness and mumbly-speak is really not very bad, taken on the whole.

I do have this music habit I can’t shake….

Do you think my songs in support of the gay community and other minorities are un-American, oh McCarthyites?  I wonder….