For the past several months, I’ve been playing music two or three times a month at Lancaster’s, in downtown Bloomington, Illinois. Since the first few performances, I’ve buddied up with Tricia Stiller, who comes up for the last couple of hours and helps as the energy level of the show rises for the late crowd.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed these shows. A part of the fun of these gigs is that I never know from week to week what I can expect from the crowd. This means that once I get past my first few songs I may find a dozen people moving up and helping me by singing along and adding witty comments. In this case the show will take on a life of its own, partially fueled by their energy and input. On another night, I will find that it’s a quiet group or one that is stressed out from a long week of work and just wants for me to play nice and unobtrusive music that they can more easily acclimate themselves to while easing gradually out of that stress and into an evening of relaxation and, possibly, fun and laughter as the night moves along. Continue reading “Lancaster’s”