Shameless Promotion Happy Hour

Here’s the scoop. I’ve decided I need to add to my list of venues, and it should be someplace that isn’t fine dining or winery related. For many of you, this is just the ticket. The cool thing is, I’ve already been going to this joint since it opened for some of their great burgers, etc., so they’ve got good food, as well.

The down side is I’ll be losing the “dress like you’re a 70’s TV star” promotion.  That only seems to work in the finer establishments. I have noticed that 80’s rock stars are in vogue at beer joints, though. So…..well………nah. Just come as you are.

The details:

David Davenport
Legends Sports Bar & Grill
712 S. Eldorado Rd., Blm
Friday, Aug. 31st
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Rock, Pop & Blues

No Cover