BLOG (First Entry)


So, I’ve been doing this music thing for my entire adult life. At certain times it has been my vocation, at others a hobby. Never have I wavered from the initial goal of being what is now called a Singer/Songwriter. Due to an ever-growing base of support and interest in my music, I am now embarking on a new chapter – I’m raising the stakes. I am going to get my career up and at ‘em and make my music available to you by either digital means (often for free) or through live performances.

Having recently signed with Static Management, my musical career is about to launch into a new phase. I’m going to be bringing you cool deals; downloads, merchandise, gigs in your area. I am going to work on new recording projects. Hell, I even cut my hair. This is serious!

My first mission is to create a new website. I’ll be sending along cool downloads, etc., to those of you who sign up for them. Details will follow once I have the site up and running.

It’s about time, eh?