Blog Post

I’ve made two CDs as a solo artist over the last several years. One was big sounding and rocked and rolled onto some of the best radio playlists in Indie radio in the Midwest. Alas, it was well recieved by all but booking agents who couldn’t figure out how I’d get all that sound out of my piano. Okay, then….along comes CD number two – a stripped down affair that featured a more intimate, frequently solo performing approach. Well, it landed on somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 radio stations. Now, though, I’ve been asked to get back in the studio and put some production behind some of those songs to give them a chance to get licensed. Okay, then…..

Soon enough, I’ll be back in the studio, this time with acclaimed producer Dave Weber at Airtime Studios in Bloomington, Indiana. Dave has done the last several Carrie Newcomer albums as well as producing the music heard by millions on the internet recorded by Straight No Chaser. Dave and I have begun to assemble the various pieces of the project, including the studio hours and top flight musicians used in many of Dave’s projects at Airtime.

While I have many new tunes, the songs I’m redoing are: Transition Man (poppier version), and One Brother (bigger and with extended bridge). Others I’ve already recorded and probably doing new versions of include The Dream (full on production this time) and an old Burdons tune, Somebody Else’s Arms (never actually recorded in the studio).

Other suggestions?