Past “NEWS” from old website

AND SO IT GOES….So time has marched on. I’ve been spending considerably more time in the Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation accounts. Links are all available here. My Jango account has been buzzing with me garnering bonus points due to the solid number of plays many of my songs have been generating. Jenna Crawford is now working with me as a marketing and promotion lead. We’ve been back out with my CD and it’s getting airplay though we are still gathering stats on who’s playing it and how often. Continue reading “Past “NEWS” from old website”


For the past several months, I’ve been playing music two or three times a month at Lancaster’s, in downtown Bloomington, Illinois. Since the first few performances, I’ve buddied up with Tricia Stiller, who comes up for the last couple of hours and helps as the energy level of the show rises for the late crowd.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed these shows. A part of the fun of these gigs is that I never know from week to week what I can expect from the crowd. This means that once I get past my first few songs I may find a dozen people moving up and helping me by singing along and adding witty comments. In this case the show will take on a life of its own, partially fueled by their energy and input. On another night, I will find that it’s a quiet group or one that is stressed out from a long week of work and just wants for me to play nice and unobtrusive music that they can more easily acclimate themselves to while easing gradually out of that stress and into an evening of relaxation and, possibly, fun and laughter as the night moves along. Continue reading “Lancaster’s”


I am disorganized – possibly to the point of being described as “clinically disorganized”. There is never going to be a time when I am organized. It just ain’t going to happen. I think, though I have no concrete evidence since it is technically not derivable that I would have been a high achiever in the days when you had to hunt to survive. I’m fast, clever, have very strong teeth, and respond to the hunger messages banging around in my brain. I think that a high ability to organize would’ve been okay to have in that era, but not nearly as useful as speed and cunning. Today, though? My hunger drive merely leads me to over eat easily obtainable over-fat foods. My cunning is good for things like Sudoku. My speed gene only gets me pulled over for traffic violations.

I think they should have paintball competitions where the winners eat well and the losers eat slop. If we ever do that, get on my team because I guarantee you will partake in a feast fit for royalty. Until that time, is there anyone out there for hire as an organizer for a clinically disorganized malcontent?


I’m on the edge of desperate. How I got here I’m not sure. The saddest part of what got me here was the revelation that so much of what I’ve believed over the years, that the essential being of all people is one of decency and compassion is probably inaccurate. People are more into survival than just about anything else I can put my finger on. The notion that some Mexicans crossing the border are an actual threat to our way of life is laughable. The idea that our nation needs to spend more on weapons than the rest of the world combined is pathetic when one considers how safe we are from any aggression against us. How people can suggest that our President is both a socialist and a fascist is absurd (that would be the case no matter who you suggest is both of these incongruent mindsets). Beyond that, 24 percent of Republicans surveyed replied in a recent Harris poll regarding Mr. Obama that he is the “anti-Christ” (which a Christian friend of mine just asked, “what is the anti-Christ, exactly”, before thinking well….it may be true, but I doubt it). Fear, fear, fear. What wimps.

The world has gone mad. I’m beginning to think that my little quirks, like playing with my hair too often and being a good 30 pounds overweight and probably watching too much Law and Order and my general twitchiness and mumbly-speak is really not very bad, taken on the whole.

I do have this music habit I can’t shake….

Do you think my songs in support of the gay community and other minorities are un-American, oh McCarthyites?  I wonder….

Twittering While Recording?

Okay, so I just went to Airtime Studios in Bloomington, IN, and had the chance to work with a tremendous group of musicians and engineer David Weber. What a great time. I had planned to send tweets via my Twitter account. This was my big chance to have things to say that my interest people. Thing is, I couldn’t quit working on the recording long enough to squirrel my way through my blackberry to Twitter, log in, write something of consequence and deeper meaning (which is hard to do, period), and keep my focus on the music. So….I didn’t do it. And I’m glad of that fact, because it took 19 hours of studio time to do what we needed to get done, and we did not stop working, even while eating (including some wonderful pasta provided by the host).

I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

So…seven songs are ready for mixing. I would love to redo some vocals on one of the songs, but Dave hasn’t had a chance to work on them, yet, so I may be premature in my concern.

So….now? It’s off to Minneapolis to work at the legendary Winterland Studios, where Lenny Kravitz, Keane, Elvis Costello, John Hiatt, and Alanis Morissette have all worked on recordings. Add to that a run on American Idol folks (Daughtry, David Archuleta), and you can see why I’m excited about recording there.

Good then.