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AND SO IT GOES….So time has marched on. I’ve been spending considerably more time in the Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation accounts. Links are all available here. My Jango account has been buzzing with me garnering bonus points due to the solid number of plays many of my songs have been generating. Jenna Crawford is now working with me as a marketing and promotion lead. We’ve been back out with my CD and it’s getting airplay though we are still gathering stats on who’s playing it and how often.

Meanwhile, Rob and Jan of Lancaster’s contacted me and asked me to play at their fine establishment. We worked out a deal and that deal includes the addition of the wonderfully talented (and Bloomington’s favorite fan of the arts) Tricia Stiller joining in for the last couple hours each night. The cool thing is they asked that we be sure to play some of the originals. I think the answer was, “Okay, if you insist!” We’ve been having some amazing nights – who would have thought we’d fill the dance floor with a band that is really just a piano player and two crazy singers? Good then.


INTERVIEW WITH ForTheSound.Com: Check it out!

5/18/2010 – “Nine” Is Now Available – Get “NINE” HERE. Or, catch me at a show.

3/31/2010 – The CD Is Out April 13th! – My new CD, “Nine”, is being released on April 13th. Static Management will be handling radio distribution/press/marketing for this effort. This isn’t a reflection on Planetary, who worked my previous CDs and who did a fabulous job, but rather an interest on my part in keeping all of this work “in the family” with Static. Speaking of keeping it in the family, my nephew, Eric, will be a part of this work and will also help Static with booking. Eric is in the Seattle area and Static is in Arizona. If you’re in another location and think you can help get me booked in one of your favorite establishments, contact me.

This new CD will be sold in a variety of ways – the obvious CDs for sale online, but also via downloads, either from online sites or if you purchase a download card directly from me. Pretty neat deal.

The best deals are always waiting for those who become a fan. Try it out and see.

12/14/2009 – Opportunities Arise! – Start making plans for the trek to Austin for SXSW (South By Southwest) March 17th through the 21st. I’m going to be cornering a slice of the stage where I’ll put my music up for the full public display. Still working out the details (solo? combo?). I’ll keep you informed. Let me know if you’re going…

On December 30th, I’ll be playing a live internet show on Justin.TV (on the StaticOnTV channel). This is a very exciting opportunity. The downside is that it directly contributes to my being unable to travel north to Michigan to play with The Burdons on NY Eve. What a cool night that would have been (it’ll still be very cool, just not cool for me)! In any event, I’m just getting rolling with rehearsing a simple, six song show with “DaveMo”, which is really Squatchmo united for the purpose of this performance. Again, more details to follow.

That brings me to Squatchmo. We’ll be playing this Saturday night, 12/19, at The Bistro, in Bloomington, IL. Come on out and enjoy the band most likely to leave you smiling.

Expect some more news shortly regarding booking. Cool stuff lies ahead, my droogs.

11/10/2009 – Airtime Session Outstanding! – I had a wonderful trip to Bloomington, IN (actually stayed in Martinsville) and recorded seven songs. Fantastic players produced fantastic results. It’s like any mechanic will tell you, “you need the right tool for the job”. I expect more success this coming weekend when I travel to Minneapolis to work on tunes at Winterland. What a great time I’m having working on this project. No news on when you’ll be able to hear the outcome. I’m getting good results with the new website, my Reverbnation account is humming, MySpace is still booming, and I’m starting to generate some digital cash. I think I’m up to $1.2345234 so far. Yes, that’s a little under a buck and a quarter. It’s a fictional number, but it is closer to the truth than you might imagine. But hey, who’s complaining? It’s a great life I’m living. And…I really think you’re going to like the new stuff. Can’t wait to get it out to you.

Become a fan and I’ll hook you up with some slices when they’re ready!!

10/25/2009 – Booked at Winterland Studios in Minneapolis – I will be heading up to Winterland to record on November 14th and 15th with Todd Fitzgerald. Winterland has an impressive client list, including Lenny Kravitz, Alanis Morissette, John Hiatt, Elvis Costello, Keane, Sara McLachlan, James Blunt, and R. Kelly. So….I think I’ll be listening to their advice. I plan on working on re-doing “One Brother” and “Transition Man”. Each song is getting consideration for licensing (thanks to my partners at Static Management!).

10/25/2009 – Booked at Airtime Studios in Bloomington, IN – I will be making the trek over to Airtime to work with award winning producer Dave Weber at Airtime Studios on November 7th and 8th. This is a very exciting excursion, as he’s assembled a crack lineup of studio veterans and we’re going to get down and get busy laying down tracks for several new or previously unrecorded songs. Dave’s work with Straight No Chaser, Carrie Newcomer, and others has him being enlisted full time on projects by major labels such as Atlantic and Universal.

10/20/2009 – Well, here it is! The new website. Hope you like it. You’ll find links to many sites you probably hadn’t heard of. Some of these sites are seriously cool tools for those who like music, whether you want to track down credits & lyrics; make your own radio station; buy music; buy merchandise; read blogs; chat; it’s all here (to be more precise, a lot of it is here). Some are the social media sites you’ve probably seen already – Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, for example.Once again, the credit for the cool graphics, design, and original build of this site go to Holly McBride, of Hollehock Design. She also did the artwork for each of my solo CDs. She’s a professional and it shows.

This site is meant to be a lot more fun and interactive than the previous site. Since being signed by Static Management, I’ve watched my viral marketing skyrocket. My numbers are way up on MySpace, for example, and several cool scenarios are in the works. With the increasing traffic to my site, I wanted to be sure my site is optimized to give you the best possible experience. Sorry I can’t have a massage add-on. Having hands reach out from the screen is a little too creepy and may be a turnoff.

I hope that you enjoy the new approach.

Oh, one more thing! Be sure to sign up on the Fan site. I’ll remind you from time to time, but doing so will provide bonus tracks and other offers that only those on the Fan list can access.

Good then.

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